Steep Slope Above the East Lake Shore

View to the south of Kursi Christian Church and Noqeib, July 2006

The point of land at Noqeib is where the shore is steepest and the closest to the lake in this part of Galilee, however the drop off from the bank to the bottom of the lake is steeper below Kursi where the Wadi Semakh empties into the lake.  See Israel Photos IV --

View of Noqeib ridge above beach - 2005, looking back north to Kursi to right of peninsula

This steep slope between Kursi and En Gev may have appeared different two thousand years ago, as soil has washed down the slope in the meantime. 

Photos of Noqeib (July 2006)

Warning sign on the cliff above lake with wind patterns visible on lake (April 2005)

Sign near Susita Beach, April 2005

On April 19, 2005 I had left my room in Tiberias just after sunrise and drove down the south shore of the lake then turned north toward Kibbutz En Gev.  I arrived at the Shittim Beach area and saw the wind was bending over the branches of bushes and the tall reeds that grew in the shallow bottom of the lake.  The wind was making a howling noise.  It was a loud moaning wind.  I could not tell how fast the winds were as I had no anemometer.  The wind raised up some waves near shore not more than what seemed to be few hundred yards out, there was no way to measure their height as I was on land.  This howling wind was only sweeping the area around Shittim Beach and dissipated a lot as it reached further out into the lake.

In Matt. 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, and Luke 8:22-25 Jesus was teaching the crowd and he gave orders for his disciples to set out for the other side of the lake.  They encountered a windstorm while he was asleep in the boat.  They woke him and he calmed the winds.  Then they reached the other side of the lake.  That is where Jesus met the demoniac.  Matthew indicated two demoniacs, this seems to be a scribal plurality error. 

When I was a boy my father told me about lemmings.  These were a type of rat that sometimes stampeded themselves into the water drowning in mass hysteria.  I compared this to the testimony about the demon possessed man who explained he had a legion of demons within himself when Jesus asked him who he was.  A legion was several thousand soldiers.  The man was being tormented; a madman who had been restrained and had broken out of his captivity.   He had been reduced to homeless wandering living in open spaces or tombs as shelter from the wind and cold of the predawn morning.  Jesus healed the man.  According to the story the demons left the man and forced or frightened the pigs to run into the lake.  The Gospel account signified the existence of evil powers in the world and the perseverance of God to overcome the evil and to give hope to sinners.  I doubt the testimony about the demon possessed man and the pigs. Some mentally ill have been restored to sanity is true.  I do not understand the meaning of the demons leaving one creature and doing damage in another.   

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